Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thank you Secret Pal

These are really bad pictures but what a wonderful secret pal I have had the past year. She is awesome and has put so much heart into each gift. Once again I was surprised. My encouraging note explained my new t-shirt. She noticed I tend to say things "rock" on my blog so she got my a shirt that says 'Adoption rocks'! Way cool!

She also got me a puzzle, wonderful magnets with words like hope, faith, joy, believe and a celebration plate with a wonderful explanation! The plate is to be served to someone celebrating something whether its adoption, birthday, graduation. This was a very cool gift and I can not wait to pass this down in our family! and I had not idea who you were!!!!

Thank you Lisa B from New York! You rock!!!!!!


OH MY #6 said...

awesome. Love those presents!


The Evans Family said...

I LOVE the plate! I keep meaning to buy one for our family....maybe I'll do that for my daughter's 10th birthday. You know in celebration for being a double digit and we can start a tradition that when each child celebrates their first double digit birthday they get ownership of the plate!

Thanks for sharing!