Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Meditations

Is it just me or has your prayer time just gotten awesome and more personal since your adoption experience began? It truly is amazing.


Don and Be will be with their sweet Joanna Mei oh so very soon!
We have met amazing friends all over the country during this process
Meron is home from the hospital!
Everyone who has prayed and encouraged us especially after my last post! Haha


Meron's continued health

The Chapman family- they still need our prayers as they have difficult days ahead of them

the birth mom's of our children- LynnMarie is probably born now and I wonder how her birth and the circumstances surrounding her birth have affected her.

Our agency and the CCAA as they continue to bring families together

Families with SN children. Some of you may need surgery or therapies or other things and I pray you find the right treatment

LynnMarie's caregivers. I hope she gets an extra hug today

Myself. Forgive me for being a bit selfish, but I would love to have your prayers. I am getting a bit stressed and finding myself worrying about things I can not change. I have started taking things way too personally and I think its starting to get to me. Even some blogs are starting to get to me. I just love reading your blogs and stories and have found so much encouragement through them.
***** Update, its not the wait getting to me. I am loving the wait right now. Its more person, relationship stuff that has gotten me down!

You. I will be praying for everyone who gets online and happens to read our blog today!


ThatGirl said...

praying with you -- the Chapmans have been on my mind a lot as well.

If I can add my prayer request - twofold. One is that we will discover a way to finance another adoption (besides chipins)! and Two is that my DH (Dave) will come to a decision soon on whether we will adopt again or not. We have not made any decisions yet.

The adoption blogs on my site are open now, so you should be able to get in. Thanks for your prayers, and have a great Monday.

Brian & Christy said...

I know what your talking about with some of the blogs. I hope ours wasn't one that making it hard for you. This whole process at time is so hard to cope with. My husband and I just resubmitted some of our paper work and got refingerprinted. We have our second home study next week. I'm sure you have been doing the same since our LID are so close together. I talked to my husband and we will e mail you with the questions about special needs soon. You are in our thoughts and prayers. christy

redmaryjanes said...

I will pray for you my friend. It gets hard sometimes. Some months I just skate through and some months are truly hard.
Hang in there!

Carol said...

Amy, my postcards went out today. Thought I'd let you know.

I'm praying that all the referrals pick up...and that the babies get the care they need.

Happy Monday.

Special K said...

You know that a special little guy prays for you (and Michael) every night, right? We pray for all the children in China that they will be healthy and well. And for all the waiting families that they will not lose faith.

The Evans Family said...

lots of hugs your way. This journey is full of ups and downs but all so worth it when you finally get to see that sweet little face you've been waiting (and waiting) for!

The Straight's said...

LOTS of praying going on in my family right now too! Praying your little one finds her way to her mommy and daddy soon :)

OH MY #6 said...

Hang in there my friend. You have lots of us out here that you can depend on!


Shelly & Family! said...

Please say a pray that our home study update gets done before our deadline in Aug...for the free renewel (our social worker has no clue and has been working on this update for over two months now and I am at my witts end!) Help me please so we can go bring Annabelle Faith home!

Little Patch of Heaven said...

I hope that you hear something soon. The wait is very unbearable at times but, soon very soon your little one will be home.

mommy24treasures said...

oh I will pray for you and with you in all of these situations. Hey... checkout the oatsvall team on my sidebar. There is a wonderful message there today that will minister to you.


girlfriend ... i think you rock also ... i will pray w/you for all these request ... I am so thankful that so many are praying for the Chapman's... They are just the best family ever!

have a great week !!!