Sunday, July 20, 2008

Monday Meditations


1) Joanna Mei is with her forever family. Oh we can not wait to meet her!!!!

2) Families are still being united

3) My friends have found their Faith!

1) The wait- enough said

2) That God will make us the parents He wants us to be during this time

3)The biological families of our children. It's not too early to pray for those who gave our child life. I can not imagine the circumstances that led to our children being adopted

4) All the caregivers in China

5) LynnMarie and her friends

6) Amanda at Starfish Orphanage. What an incredible lady. I pray for her, the children, and the needs of the orphanage.

How are you today? Feel free to be honest!!!!


Michael said...

Sheridan for his surgery on Thursday.

The Straight's said...

Oh don't forget the BIG praise of my new baby girl waiting for me! Praying that LynnMarie finds her mommy and daddy soon too :) Faith is going to need a buddy!

Janet said...

I am doing well today, especially since all of my company has gone home after the funeral and I can finally relax! I am spending the day just chillin'. Giving thanks for THAT!!!!

redmaryjanes said...

Wonderful requests. I have a very urgent prayer request on my blog for a woman named Care who is in Ethiopia to bring home her daughter who has HIV. Her daughter's health has taken a terrible turn and they need prayer desperately.

Shelly and Family said...

I am going crazy & I want to scream, cry, and throw something...we are still working on our home study update for our 797C renewel...we are on month two for this (started back in May)...I can't wait for this part to be all finished...ugh!

Shelly and Family said...

(sorry, just needed to vent...can you tell "this update" is getting to me)

Bella's momma said...

I just found your blog through my friend Lisa blog ~ I am ever so grateful that I did. Now on to reading!!

Don and Be said...

How do I feel today? - Grateful for God's provision of Joanna Mei. She is the light of our lives.