Thursday, July 17, 2008

someone needs your help

To the right of out blog, you will see a sweet face with a Starfish logo. Amanda at Starfish orphanage is an amazing ladies. She keeps several babies in her home and loves on them and even stays with them when they have their surgery. Miss RMJ from Seventh Diamond ( who hosts the Saturday morning chats) asked me to help and do a book drive. Amanda stays at the hospital with the kids and only has old newspapers and magazines to read.

So we are collecting books for Amanda along with other supplies. If you go to First Fridays, there will be a box there in August. If you live in Atlanta and would like to help, I would love to meet you an take what you have and if you would like to just help with the postage that would help as well!

Besides books, we are also going to collect some needed items. I got an email from Amanda this morning and these are her current needs!

Motrin (2 to 11 year olds) I prefer the regular kind and not the concentrated.
Nexcare 3M waterproof bandages all different sizes
Digital thermometer with F and C settings
Desitin Original
Butterfly closures (Small)
Shaklee VitaLea infant vitamin mix

preemie diapers

Email me at and I can give you the needed info to help! Thanks!!! I am going to try to mail to China the second week of August!


Brian & Christy said...

I would love to help you out. When do you need this by. Do I send this to you or another address. Please let me know and I will send it out ASAP.
Thanks Christy

Carol said...

We did this at RMJ it was really wonderful to help out the little people!!!!

John & Michelle said...

I live in Illinois at the moment but would love to help! When do you need the stuff and to where do I send it all?
Love and Best Wishes,