Saturday, May 19, 2007

the first month is almost over

This is bad. Not even a month in the waiting and I don't have much to say. I have had 2 coworkers ask me about international adoption is pretty cool. Its just amazing how God has opened our eyes and hearts to adoption. Its just so exciting. I love my April yahoo group and cant wait to get know them more!!!

Looking forward to some China adoption groups coming up. Always nice to meet new friends with similar interests. I love to read my blogroll. I love reading the Nov 2005 LIDers because they are almost through with their wait and then they will be added to a different list..Thats pretty cool. I love to add more to more to my site? Do you have a recommendation?

We have been enjoying looking at names and hope to start the beginning of the our major house cleaning soon. I am getting ready to quilt swap with some ladies and that makes me happy.

I would love to get to know more of you. If you are in the Atlanta area and would like to have lunch, let me know!!!

Also, dont forget about Monday. Every Monday a group of us are going to life the adoption process before God in prayer. If you would like to join, let me know!!!


Stacy said...

Sounds like you are keeping busy!

Carolyn said...

Hi Amy- I saw your comment on my blog. Thanks! Nice to meet you... we're getting close to travel, but still don't have our dates. Maybe you can give a thought to us on Monday. We're off now to see the Watoto's Children's Choir from Uganda! I have to go wake our kids up!!

Margaret Miracle said...

Add me to the prayer group. we defintely pray daily but it sounds wonderful to unite in prayer with a group of adoptive families. thanks for the comments on my blog. you are officially my first non-family visitor. Also, our LID are just a few days apart with the same agency so we could very likely travel together. we live in southeastern kentucky about 5 hours from Atlanta but maybe we could all meet in the middle sometime this summer.

Dannye said...

thanks for stopping by my blog...we will all get thru this adoption wait thing that has helped me is reading the blogs of others further along in the process than we are, and getting to know these ladies, even if only by online and not in person...feel free to add my blog to your site if you'd like...and if you'd like me to send you a quilt square and wish (no need to send one back, I've got my 100 good wishes quilt), then email me your address ( forward to getting to know you!!

redmaryjanes said...


How will our prayer group work? Will you post a prayer request each Monday and this is what we will focus on?
Just let me know, I'm ready.


Lisa and Doug said...

So glad you are staying busy! Enjoy the journey!

Jeff and Michelle said...

Would love to lift up the adoption process in prayer! You are doing some wonderful things! God Bless.

Drama Div@ said...

amy, i'll pray for your happiness always. God bless!

momladybird said...

Just come across your blog via your other one! Just wanted to say hello & dont forget to try and celebrate each month of LIDS as you go, we have as each month is one less in the wait for your child.
We are a Dec 2005 Lid couple so are nearing allocation soon.

Come & visit Us

Ms. Dragonfly said...

Thatnks for commenting on my blog. It's always nice to meet more people in the process. Everyone's journey is valid and I love reading everyone's personal story. You can add me to your blogroll only I have no LID as I'm with SN, but it would have been Nov'06 technically, if that helps.

Sophie's Mom said...

Came across your blog. Congrats on being on your way. Wanted to tell you about my older blog ( I know I loved reading everything I could while I waited, about people's journeys etc. I started this new blog in January of this year. The old one was the waiting, the trip itself, and the first year and 1/2 years home.

My advice to you is to read about attachment. REALLY read about attachment. I have a couple of good links on the right hand side of my new blog. I had read about it, and thought Sophia was all set. It wasn't until we were home about a year (and she was doing great!) that we starting having some peculiar behaviors that turned out to be attachment issues.

After attachment therapy (& holding therapy), she's doing great. I just wish I'd known then, what I know now!

Stop by my blog and say hi!
Sophia's Website

Kimber said...

The wait is long (we waited for 3 years due to weird circumstances but I assure you..I would wait all over again for Kate. It is worth every second...and it brought me closer to the Lord. Feel free to add 3peanuts to your blogroll under forever family. Kate has been home 6 weeks. Thanks for stopping by my blog...I'll be back.