Wednesday, May 16, 2007


hello all! Yesterday I bought my secret pal gift and I hope to get that in the mail by the end of the week. Okay, I have tried not to go to the Rumor Queen, but I like what I am reading.

I have enjoyed reading the blogs on my blogroll. If you are not on there, will you please tell me your link and your LID?

For those who have been waiting a while, I was wondering if anyone has found a waiting dads yahoo or other support groups for the guys in our group!!
Im praying for all of you and look forward to the next Monday prayer time.

My sister Kelly and I went to Pottery Barn Kids and I loved what I saw. Wish I could afford it!!!


HomeSchool Mommy said...

I'm so far away from even starting my adoption journey, but I am ADDICTED to the Rumor Queen! I can understand why you like what you're reading right now, but I'm not quite liking it. :(

The rumors that China may be closing to IAs is not what I want to see. If it's just to get caught up, then I understand that. BUT, in reality, I don't think they'd ACTUALLY close IAs all together. At least that's what I'm hoping and praying!

I LOVE Pottery Barn Kids, but I've never spent a dime there...I just can't spend that way!

Kim said...

Email Michael. He belongs to a yahoo group that is called China Dads. He loves it. He'll be glad to send you the link.

Jennifer "Jenny" said...

I am so hoping that our hopes won't be dashed this time around :)

Stacy said...

Isn't Pottery Barn for Kids GREAT!! Love that store.

I rarely go to the RQ site. It is just too hard!

redmaryjanes said...

I like the Rumor Queen. I check in on her pretty regularly.

Jill and Jaap said...

Pottery barn kids is so much fun!

Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

Hey don't forget me on your blogroll!

I know what you mean about RQ...sometimes it's hard to resist going there!

Roy and Lori said...

Hey guys,
Just stopped by to say
hello! I hope you too
are doing good.

Take care!

Angie said...


I am a fellow China Peach and have been keeping up with your blog! I don't ever go to RQ but I did this week and was pretty happy with what I saw too!
Here is my blog for your roll and we are LID 11.08.06.


PS I LOVE Pottery Barn Kids!!!

Margaret Miracle said...

amy you inspired me and I started our blog this week. I am in one of your April groups and our LID is 4/20/07. Our blog is journeytobabybecky. I have just recently started a RQ addiction. I hope this group of referrals is large! Margaret