Friday, June 08, 2007


Hey, why China?
Exactly how expensive is it?
Oh, do you have apicture of your baby yet?
DO you get to pick her out?
Do you have to call her by her Chinese name?
American babies are good too.

These are just a few of the comments I have heard. Most people are interested in the whole process and I enjoy telling them.
I do agree with everyoneho has been talking about this week. Referral times are fun. There is a lot to keep you busy during this wait. Celebrating your LID each month, enjoying the referrals and GOTCHA days of our friends, the different projects our yahoo groups are doing and meeting new friends.

THis is definitely an experience I would not have guessed we would be in 5 years ago. I know our lives will change completely the day we see our daughters picture. I love to imagine that day and how we will celebrate but I also think of ways to get myself out of the sad times, which I am sure will pass by.

Michael and I were able to spend a lot of time during the paperchase together..Doing the autobiography was interesting and I think we both learned a lot about each other. Friends.. We needed friends, not that we were friendless. But, we have met some incredible friends that we now share a common bond with forever..Its so neat! The whole idea just makes me smile..The quilt thing is going well. I am in the middle of a swap and have gotten some squares from different states.. I love getting mail!

Our first garage sale is in a few weeks and its turned into a neighborhood sale. I have met a new friend and walking buddy because of this.

Michael and I have been attending a neat church that we learned about from our adoption support group.
Great things are happening to the Christophers. Sure, there are going to be some trying times. we are blessed beyond measure and this great adventure is going to better than we could have imagined!!!

THanks for your prayers and support!!!!


Doris & Dan said...

Focus on the positive! Sounds like you are right on track with that.

Keep smilin!

Daniella said...

Yep, I have had all of those questions and comments also. Have a great weekend.

Lisa and Doug said...

I have had all of those questions too! Believe me!

Now that I have my referral, I know every minute of this wait was worth it. It will be for you too - I promise!

Elise said...

I am with Doris....stay positive, it is great way to go through this long journey!

Donna & Joe said...

Great post, Amy. Our lives have also changed for the better since we started the adoption. We have met SO many wonderful people and have a larger group of friends now.

Although the waiting is hard, I wouldn't trade the experience for anything!

Donna :)

redmaryjanes said...

I have got to get my quilt square out to you!!!

Isabella's mommy & daddy said...

I am right there with you.. I have heard comments and questions.. some that I don't really care for.. but we will make it.. I have tagged you so please click on my site and see your tag.. Have a GREAT weekend.

Paul & Robyn: said...

You are so right!!!! Even though the wait has not been a piece of cake we definitely have a ton of great memories for this time. Not only have our paths crossed with a ton of new people but we have made some amazing friendships along the way. God is definitely in control and only he knows which child is "ours" so we have to keep the faith that when the time is right we will see her face. Until then we keep living, keep laughing, and keep creating memories!!!!!

Margaret Miracle said...

We have also had the same questions and many more once Lily came home. I am at least asked by one person on a weeekly basis! Here is to keeping the prayers going that the wait will begin to decrease soon! Have a great weekend!

Roy and Lori said...

Those questions are difficult to answer at times especially the questions WHY IS IT TAKING SO LONG?

It is hard to explain to someone
that Gracie has not been born yet!

We just keep praying things
will speed up soon!

Alyson & Ford said...

Sounds like you are doing wonderful! Everything you wrote is a testament of your character and being content with your situation. We do love seeing referrals each month... lots of smiles for all of us.

LID 01/27/06