Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A new family celebrates

Welcome baby Paisley!!!
Its so much fun to celebrate with these families..
they got their call today!
another family celebrates..Michael and Kim are out of the review room and found out they are approved and will be bringing little Sheridan. We can not wait to celebrate with you! THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!


Kim said...

Just wanted to say hi :) Referral time is always so exciting :)

Angie said...

HOORAY for referrals!!! So exciting! That little Paisley is beautiful! Congrats to her family!


Janet said...

What great news!!! Can't wait to check their blog!!!

RPCTMC said...

Hi Amy. Thank you for the nice post. I can't believe the referrals are only though the 7th. Not good.

PS - I enjoyed your blog, too!

Mark and Rebecca said...

I love referral time! Dreams do come true!

Ann said...

IT's so nice to celebrate other families!!

Roy and Lori said...

This is so exciting!! We are so happy
for Doug and Lisa and all other
families that got thier referral!

Congrats to all of you!