Friday, June 29, 2007

blogs, baby names and such

I swore I would not post on this one everyday but I am having fun! You guys have given us both such encouragement

You may remember earlier this month, Michael and I came up with our daughters name! If you forgot, let me remind you:

Lynn Marie Christopher
Now, I knew when we announced our name, there would be some drama. We had one family member tell us he/she didn't like it. My favorite person at work doesn't like it because her mother in laws name is Marie and she does not like her. No matter what name we pick, someone wont like it..Honestly, there is nothing wrong with so I don't care!!!
the more I write it, the more I love it. I love to play with fonts and such and my friend Kim gave me the name of a website to get personalized labels for her.
I think Michael and I are going to call her LynnMarie for her first name. If we do a middle name, we will probably use her Chinese name! It just seems so classic.
I have wondered whether to change it or not but Miss Kim said NO WAY! Aunt Kim will always think of her as LynnMarie..She said it sounds kind of southern!!
To clarify yesterdays post, I just went window shopping at the consignment store!! No buying anything yet!!!
Hoping to get Michael to post again soon!!!
Looking forward to hearing about the next referrals!!!


Jill and Jaap said...

Lynnmarie is very pretty!

Daniella said...

I love the name - very classic and pretty! You can't please everyone-we've had family/friends say they didn't like the name we chose and/or the nickname - I say too bad!!! Have a great weekend!

Jennifer "Jenny" said...

I love the name. You only have to please yourselves :)

Jennifer "Jenny" said...

I love the name. You only have to please yourselves :)

redmaryjanes said...

I love the name and she can call me Aunt Kim too!

Michelle & John said...

I stayed buried in the Baby Name Book for almost a year before deciding on Raegan Adele Conley! If I asked hubby if he liked a name, he'd put his fingers into his ears and humm. When I said Raegan in the car one day he said that's not bad. Lucky for him cause I already had a blanket at the embroidery shop!!!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

LynnMarie is very pretty.. and guess what... It is YOUR daughter not anyone else's.. so whatever you decide is the BEST name in the world..
I love it..
Have a great day.

secret agent said...

I like it.
I won't share my new name (I've changed it twice) due to peoples comments
and.... maybe I'm paranoid, but I typed it on a yahoo group and shortly thereafter 3 more popped up and it was not a typical name.
Liliana and they are spelling it the same way.

Mommy Spice said...

I think Lynn Marie is precious. Who cares what others think. You can't please everyone...and since she's your daughter, she's yours to name.

We are having the hardest time coming up with Mei-Mei's name. My husband is in no hurry, but it's driving me crazy.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. You're so sweet!!

Janet said...

We named one of our sons Cecil after his great-grandfather, a minister and a great man. People thought we were nuts but now EVERYONE agrees that it totally suits him. So BLAH to everyone who says they don't like it! Too bad! Your Lynn Marie has a beautiful name, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Stacy said...

Teaching tends to ruin names, too. :) But I've found that it doesn't matter, because your child changes any negative ideas that accompany any name.

Besides, Lynn is my middle name (Lynne) and I'm rather fond of it.

Blessings! Those little girls in China truly need good homes. Working in an orphanage here in Taiwan forever changed me.

Anonymous said...

You may not be shopping yet but I have purchased one thing!!! I love the fact that you are thinking about calling her Lynn Marie and using her Chinese name for her middle name!!
Love to you and prayers too!!

Sheri said...
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Sheri said...

Congratulations on your name!
I think Lynnmarie is beautiful. I also think it is sweet you are keeping her Chinese name. You should not let anyone influence you she is your daughter:)


Angie said...

Thankfully, when naming our children we don't have to please anyone else!! I love Lynn Marie and I also like using it as a double name. My oldest son has a double name...I love it and so does he!

Kelli Standish said...

Hey, I'm a quick visitor here. I found your blog through the BlueBird Blogs portfolio.

Just wanted to wish you the very, very best in your adoption process. I have heard from others who've done this that the wait can be grueling and I applaud your courage and tenacity.

As for the name, I think it's great! My middle name is Marie. The origin of Marie is actually from the Hebrew Mara, which means bitterness, but the French definition of Marie will really speak to you, I think. It means "Child we wished for".

As for Lynn, why not spell it "Lin" ? You get the same name, but with a hint of her proud Chinese ancestry!

Cheering you on,
Kelli Standish