Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday Meditations

Hello prayer warriors! What are you praying about today? I am praying for all of us in this waiting stage.. Stay encouraged!!!!!!! What can we pray for for you today?
You thought this was the name announcement, didn't you? haha! Michaels not awake yet, Ill let him post.

The Christopher Quilt has been updated with 2 new pieces


Adele said...

I am praying for alot of things today. Like you, I am also much in prayer about the current wait time with our adoption. I know it is all in God's timing but it surely would be nice if things could speed up just a little.

Janet said...

Praying with yoU!

Cyndi said...

Praying for you, and your welcome!:) quit teasing us already what's the little Christophers name??

We are CJ, Donna, Caleb & Travis said...

Enough is enough! So what's her name :)

PS: Praying for my quick LID

redmaryjanes said...

I am praying that my dear friend Elizabeth at 'Dragonfly and Ladybug' gets her referral in the next few days. Her agency is expecting their new waiting child list any day now.

Anonymous said...

Hello?? It is 6:15pm!! He should be awake by now!! You don't say you are going to post a name 12 hours before you do!!
Quit playing with us!
What is her name!!!??