Saturday, June 30, 2007

my day off

A full day off. Michael had an interview! What was I to do?
I went here and here! Mind you, it was to window shop, but I had a stinkin good time and cant wait for Michael to visit with me! The first place had amazing ideas for nurseries and although way out of our price range, it was fun to dream!!! Then off to Babies R Us which was having a great sale..Don't worry, when you don't have money, you cant spend it!!!

I ended my journey at Rooms to Go for kids where I was looking for a bookshelf. Now, once again, I know I can find it somewhere cheaper but I was just getting ideas.

The first piece of furniture that I want to look at and is actually needed to is a pretty, girly bookshelf. Any ideas, let me know!!!

Lynn Marie will be a well loved child and is prayed for daily, that's for sure!


Ronnie and Becky said...

Becky here from China Hope. Thank you for visiting our site. I hope you continue and follow us all the way to China and back. We will certainly be following you. The wait will not be easy but the prize at the end of that wait will be so worth it.

When our little grandaughter was born her furniture came from a "garage sale"!! $150.00 for a beautiful white poster twin trundle bed with nightstand, dresser and mirror, chest with a hutch. She has since passed that down to our Little China Girl and we will be updating, repainting, and adding new hardware soon. I also bought a beautiful antique looking (not really an antique) loveseat at a garage sale for $50.00 that will go in her room if there is enough room. You can see a picture of that on our blog on a previous post.

Happy Shopping ... by the way I have a friend who calls the Good Will Store "Neimans"!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Me, I have no desire just yet to start on the room... don't mean to be a party pooper... the way things are going I will be 100 years old... anyway... enjoyed looking at your blog... will see you again... take care... Felicity

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Hi Amy,
If you want to email me you can get me at

Roy and Lori said...

Sounds like a fabulous day
to me!

NorasMommy said...

I can't imagine spending a fortune on kids furniture - it takes such a beating, even from a gentle child. I bought Nora's crib with a combination of credit card points and spot awards from work. Her dresser is one that I bought at auction several years ago and had sitting in the basement - we are in the process of refurbishing now. I still want to get a little table and chairs and am toying with the idea of buying something either at a garage sale or one of those unfinished funiture places, painting it and decoupaging with illustrations from a children's book.

I am absolutely certain that I can make her room as cute as anyone's without breaking the bank. Paint is inexpensive and thanks to the long wait I've got the time!

Hope Michael's interview went well!


Michelle & John said...

We have already done Raegan's room and at best will be waiting another 15 months!!! Including paint, gifted/used furniture, bedding, ect...we have only spent 479. What a bargin we are!!! Our baby will be loved and encouraged in her every endevor and we think that is what counts most!
Look forward to sharing your journey!

Christine said...

I stopped by your blog today - I will do so more often. I see your comments on others in which we are in the same circles. I am sure we met at a First Friday a few months ago - will be there this time around and say hi.
BTW - start looking on Craigslist Atlanta and you will be sure to find all your furniture at a good price by time LynnMarie comes around!

Janet said...

Getting ideas is a great idea! That way you will know what you TRULY want!

Dannye said...

we got Chynna a dollhouse bookshelf at AC Moore ( a crafts store, not that expensive but well built....) we really love it, just thought maybe that is the girlie bookshelf you may be looking for???

Kristine and Shawn said...

Shopping is soooo fun!!! Good luck finding a cute bookshelf!!!

Roy and Lori said...

Just stopped by to
say hello! I hope
you guys are having
a great weekend!

Lynn said...

Love, Love, Love Babies R Us!! I stop in every few months or so!

Sounds like you had a very fun day!

Mommy Spice said...

I loved window shopping for Spicy Girl. It was fun to start putting little things in her room. I remember having about 3 outfits hanging in her closet. I would go into her room almost daily, open the closet and just imagine I would have a little girl to dress them in one day. You have fun!!

Mark & Terri said...

Shopping around is fun. I hope to find one of those dollhouse-looking bookshelves for Sophie. They're so cute.