Thursday, June 28, 2007

Baby Bargains and etc

Our friends gave us this book the other day and during trivia last night I went through it a bit.How fun was this? I learned a lot and although there will be a newer version or 2 before we head to China, looking at this stuff is fun! With Michael out of work, we are not buying anything but dreaming is really fun. Lots of idea went through my head. For those of you who are mommies already, I will be asking you lots of of questions in the upcoming months.

Even Michael looked through it and read me the best clothing to purchase and the clothing you should just skip!!!!
If I do not have jury duty today, I hope to clean the house, hit a fabric store (just to look) for fabric for more quilt swaps and check out the cutest consignment boutique!.
Yesterday I spent some time reading the very early posts of some of the blogs I read regularly! Oh my, everyone has a story! God is awesome! It is so cool to go through this journey with so many new friends!!!
On another note, check out The Hoffmans site. Tymm made an awesome post that really encouraged me!

and I forgot, we got our first international quilt square yesterday..Check it out here!


Liene said...

I love this book! More so for recommendations on what to buy and what not to buy since they have consumer reviews on things. When we moved our son from the carrier car seat to a regular car seat we read that book and found a car seat as good as a Britax without the price tag. So helpful!!! Plus it helped us know what to avoid.

Janet said...

That books sounds so cool! What a great idea!

We are CJ, Donna, Caleb & Travis said...

Bargains, I just love bargains! I may have to check into that book :)

Jennifer "Jenny" said...

I need that book too!

Amy said...

I read this book too before Martina came home. My friend bought it because she was pg, so we shared ti. It's great! Another good source for car seats is Consumer Reports. I think they do an update every year or so.