Monday, June 04, 2007

Monday Prayers

Looks like we know what it will called but I will give the poll a chance until later today before we finalize a name?

Every Monday, a small group of us are lift up the entire adoption process in prayer. Want to join us???

Whats on your heart to pray about today? There are so many things and I want to know what you are praying about. A girl at work started talking to me about the adoption and has been so supportive. She said, "What do you know about the attachment process? You realize you are ripping her away from her comfort zone, everything she knows will be gone?" I know this was not meant in a hurtful way but this something I have been reading about..

My list for today

1) our babies- that they are loved and that everyone who is a part of their care will be blessed
2) the families that are getting referrals this month and families that are travelling this month
3) families that are in the review room

My Specific prayers
Michael and Kim- they are in the review room and these are wonderful people. They are adopting a sweet little boy and we cant wait to hear they are out of the review room

Susan and Dan- they are the hosts for our monthly support group and have many couples through the wait period

Can I add you to this list!


kim said...

Thanks for the prayers, Amy. They keep us going. Glad to know you finally found all your quilt squares!

Karen said...

Here's the thing, yes the children are pulled from the current comfort zone, but look down the road. What conditions would they be living in as teens if left in the orphanages, and what about when they turn 18 and are left on their own, and even until horrible to grow up without a family. My point, look what an amazing life you will be giving to this child. A warm, loving, welcoming family that will love her for her entire life. As with any change, there will be an adjustment period, but after that...what a blessing for all of you! Sorry I haven't had a chance to get my quilt's on my list, I just haven't had the opportunity to get across town to the fabric store.

chicknboy said...

Thank you for listing these requests. I'll be praying today (and all thru the week). :)

Cari said...

Hi Amy- thanks for the comment on my blog! Sure, steal away (the ladybug idea!)

Janet said...

I completely agree with the last commenter!!!!!

Janet said...

Okay, with Karen! (some people commented before me.)

kris said...

Great name- right to the point!
Don't worry about praying for J, he was almost FAMOUS as a blogger, just had an uncanny wit and was an excellent writer- adopted 2 from China and with the last one, he decided to stop blogging once they got home, so that he could be more fully engaged in life with his family. He had over 200 comments when he said bye!!

redmaryjanes said...

I will pray tonight for our issues.

Roy and Lori said...

We will be praying tonight!!!!!!!

Special K said...

We're adding our prayers to the group.

Don and Be said...

Fixed the names on our blog list.
Sorry - we'll be visiting your blog often.
Don & Be

Don and Be said...

I guess that didn't sound quite right - I meant sorry about the wrong names on our blog list.

Elise said...

Love the prayer group idea...I will pray for you tonight!!!