Thursday, June 28, 2007

I am weak..I can not believe I did it. More on that later.

For those so frustrated with the wait, you may want to read what one mother to be did..She wrote a letter to her daughter.

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do to get through this!

Check her out here!


kris said...

Way to leave us hanging woman!
Give it up... come on... you know you want to :O)

Janet said...

Hmmm...sounds interesting......

Dawn and Dale said...

That letter was TOOO funny!!!

Thanks for pointing us there!!

You have me interested too now to know what happened!!!

Curlylockz said...

Many thanks for that link. I needed the laugh!

Funny - she seems to be able to read minds. I feel that way pretty often lately. :)

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

That was a funny letter.. but on another note.. I sat down and wrote what was in my heart.. and I think it helped me a lot.. Putting your feelings out there releases the tension inside.
Thank you so much..